Chicago White Sox 1960 Road Jersey - Nellie Fox

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Chicago White Sox 1960 Road light weight wool flannel blend jersey # 02

On June 16, 1916, the Cleveland Indians began to identify their players by issuing numbers on the left sleeve of their jerseys. The trend was short lived and was dropped after a few weeks. In 1923, Branch Rickey’s St. Louis Cardinals attempted to identify their players in the same manner, but dropped the idea after receiving criticism within the league. It wouldn’t be until opening day of 1929 that numbers would begin to be accepted. The Indians, who donned numerals on the back of their jersey, were the first team to wear numbers during the 1929 season, shortly followed there after by the New York Yankees. In 1960, Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck experimented with numeric identification. Veeck began putting his player’s names on the back of their uniforms, becoming the first team to go this route. The White Sox were led by the reigning American League MVP Nellie Fox, who led the league in triples.

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